Role of Honour

Individual Stableford Winners

 Winter 2016 Westherham Golf Club John Jarvis Hcp 13
 Captains Day 2016 Lamberhurst Golf Club  
 Summer 2016 Redlibetts Golf Club Tom Sullivan Hcp 7
 Spring 2016 Hever Golf Club Martin Cooley Hcp 18
 Winter 2015 Wilderness Golf Club Jimmy Sullivan Hcp 15
 Autumn 2015 Addington Golf Club John Jarvis Hcp 17
 Captains Day 2015 Redlibbetts Golf Club Adrian Elshaw Hcp 16
 Summer 2015 Crowborough Beacon Simon Harrison Hcp 16
 Spring 2015                Hever Castle Golf Club John Jarvis Hcp 18
 Winter 2014Nevill Golf Club Adam Shaw Hcp 12
 Autumn 2014Addington Golf Club Carl Robinson     Hcp 18
 Captains Day 2014  Westerham Golf Club  Keith Drury     Hcp 17
 Summer 2014    Lamberhust Golf Club Ryan Standley hcp 12
 Spring 2014             Hever Castle Golf Club    Jack Kinghorne hcp 18
 Winter 2013Wilderness Golf Club Rob Gorden hcp 15
 Autumn 2013          Addington Golf Club     Tom Sullivan hcp 11
 Captains Day 2013Redlibetts Golf Club Alex Penford hcp 14
 Summer 2013    Lamberhurst Golf Club Neal Truman hcp 17
 Spring 2013Hever Golf Club Richard Norris hcp 11
Captains Day 2012Sweetwoods Golf Club Michael Sullivan jnr  hcp 18 
Winter 2012              Addington Golf Club   Richard Smith hcp 11
Autumn 2012Redlibetts Golf Club Gerald Pheby Hcp 16
Summer 2012Nizels Golf Club Keith Drury hcp 15
Spring 2012    Hever Golf Club Chris Martin  hcp 15
Captains Day 2011Wilderness Golf Club Darren Edwards hcp 24
Winter 2011Addington Golf Club Richard Smith hcp 11
Autumn 2011Tenterden Golf Club  Joe Smith hcp 28
Summer 2011Sweetwoods Golf Club Richard Smith hcp 12
Spring 2011 Hever Golf Club  John Barrow  hcp 6

Captains Trophy Winners

 2016 Lamberhurst Golf Club Carl Robinson Hcp 18
 2015 Redlibetts Golf Club Ricky Jeffery Hcp 10
 2014 Westerham Golf Club Keith Drury Hcp 17
 2013 Relibetts Golf Club Keith Baigent  hcp 15

Stableford Four Ball Better Ball Winners

 Captains Day Lamberhurst Golf Club  & 
 Summer 2016  Redlibetts Golf Club Carl Robinson (Capt) & John Jarvis
 Spring 2016 Hever Golf Club Adam Shaw & Andy Logan
 Autumn 2015 Addington Golf Club Ed Vizard & Martin Cooley
 Captains Day Redlibetts Golf Club Del Thorogood & Chris Martin
 Summer 2015 Crowborough Beacon David Sullivan jnr     & David Osborne
 Spring 2015 Hever Castle Golf Club Mark Pearson & Paul Day
 Autumn 2014 Addington Golf Club    Ken Vizard & David Sullivan
 Captains Day Westerham Golf Club Chris Martin& Del Thorogood
 Summer 2014 Lamberhurst Golf Club Chris Mullen    & Joe Smith
Spring 2014 Hever Castle Golf Club Paul Sullivan& Carl Robinson
Autumn 2013 Addington Golf Club Keith Drury (Capt)  & Del Thorogood
Captains Day Redlibetts Golf Club Del Thorogood & Chris Martin
Summer 2013 Lamberhurst Golf Club Keith Baigent & Keith Drury (Capt)
Spring 2013 Hever Golf Club         Nicky Norris (Way) & Richard Norris
Winter 2012 Addington Golf Club Jimmy Sullivan &  Micheal Sullivan jnr
Autumn 2012 Relibettes Golf Club Derek Thorogood & Chris Martin
Summer 2012 Nizels Golf Club  John Barrow & Adam Wisdom
Spring 2012  Hever Golf Club Jamie Kennett   & Steve King
Winter 2011 Addington Golf Cub Michael Sullivan snr & Richard Smith
Autumn 2011 Tenterden Golf Club Carl Robinson & Paul Sullivan (Capt)
Summer 2011 Sweetwoods Golf Club Jamie Kennett & Martin Cooley
Spring 2011 Hever Golf Club Jimmy Sullivan & Ricky Jeffery


2017John Jarvis
2016Carl Robinson
2015Tim Duffey
2014Ricky Jeffery
2013Keith Drury
2012David Sullivan jnr
2011 Paul Sullivan

Player of The Year

 Year     1st 2nd             3rd
2016 Tom Sullivan Carl Robinson John Jarvis
2015 John Jarvis Tom Sullivan

2014Tom SullivanCarl RobinsonRicky Jeffery

2013Ricky JefferyTom SullivanRichard Norris
2012Keith Drury
Tom Sullivan
 Chris Martin
2011Ricky Jeffery Richard SmithTom Sullivan
Paul Sullivan

Bird of The Year

 Year     1st 2nd            3rd
2016Tom Sullivan Alex PenfoldJohn Barrow
Ryan Stanley
Steve Odell

Alex Penfold Tom Sullivan 
2014Ryan Stanley John Barrow Adam Shaw

2013 Jimmy SullivanRicky Jeffery
Tom Sullivan
2012 Ricky Jeffery Richard Smith Tom Sullivan
2011 David Sullivan Tom Sullivan
 Michael Sullivan

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