Society Rules

Society Rules

1)       To become a member of T.K.G.S. you will have to attend at least three golf days as a guest of a member, then a member will need to nominate you for membership. The final decision regarding new members will be up to the committee. In special circumstances the committee has the power to induct new members after attending only once as a guest.

2)      The committee is made up of the Chairman, Secretary, Captain and Vice Captain. The Captain is to be elected on annual basis to serve from January to December. The Vice Captain is elected by the incoming Captain. The Chairman has the authority to overall the committee on any matter if required.

3)   Each member may bring up to 3 guest and committee member may bring upto 10. Subject to available space.

4)      Members are responsible for the behavior of their guest. As a society we hope for highest standard of golf but we do not expect. What we do expect is a high level of golfing etiquette. Any guest or member not upholding this standard will not be invited back. The committee have the right revoke a membership without appeal.

5)      Members pay a small membership fee of £10 on an annual basis payable in January. This money will be used later in the year to subsidies certain course and pay for annual prizes. The full membership is payable even if a member joins or leaves part way through a year.

6) The location and cost of each event is to determined by the committee.

7) Any player not turning up with out giving notice at the very latest by 2pm the day before, will be liable for a full match fee for that golf day even if the society is not charged. The player will then be expected to pay in advance for any future golf days. Any player not giving 48 hours notice but at least before 2pm the day before, could be liable for their match fee. But as a committee we would try and avoid this on your behalf  


8)   The society maintain and update a list of handicaps. Members who hold other handicaps are expected to keep the society updated and of course play off the lowest one. The MAXIMUM playing handicap for male members is 28 (female 36). The MAXIMUM playing handicap for male guest is 18 (female 18), unless they have an official handicap from a recognised club, or they have played at least three times as a guest or with a member of the committee and can therefore be awarded a society handicap. Any guest scoring over 39 points at there first competition will automatically have there score cut to 35 points.

Rules of Golf.

9)    As a society we follow the standard R&A Amateur Rules of Golf and local course rules. Specific competitions rules or variation will be given on the day of the event. Any further deviations are at the digression of the chairman. The member in each group will arbitrate on any area of conflict. However, if there is a dispute between the player and the member or two members then two scores should be clearly marked on the scorecard for that hole. The committee, whose decision will be final, on completion of the round, will rule upon the issue.

10)   The Captain has the right to ask for the first tee for each round for himself and his group.

11)    Players can be disqualified in the event that their scorecard is incorrectly completed for any of the following reasons:

    • scores have been incorrectly recorded for any hole
    • the totals are not correct
    • the scorecard has not been properly signed and countersigned
    • Points total is not recorded.

12)  All players will be expected to wear proper golfing attire consisting of trousers or wet weather protectors, and a collared top (shirt or polo top). No jogging bottoms, jeans or collarless tops are permitted and members/guests may be barred from any event if not properly dressed.