1) The Captains Player Of The Year 2016 - (to be presented at Xmas/AGM golf day). 

    Based on players individual performance over the year. The main area considered 
    is Order of Merit Ranking. But any notable shots or holes will be considered. To be decided by the captain

2) Birdie Of The Year 2016- (to be presented at Xmas/AGM golf day).

The player who scores the most birds over the four main golf days and captains day of each year wins.

Birdie                             1pts

Eagle                            2pts

Albatross                      3pts

Condor                          4pts (never recorded in a professional tournament only four ever recorded, good luck!)

Ostrich             –              5pts (never recorded in the history of golf, very good luck!)

Only applies to the main 18 holes and handicaps do not apply.

3) T.K.G.S. The Captains Trophy - Play in July each year.

To qualify to win the trophy you must have played in at least 3 of the previous 4 golf days or have previously one the trophy.

4) T.K.G.S. Match Play Championship

Details to be confirmed